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Tuesday, 7/16/2024
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GESTAPO-Photos stored digitally

Tord Gustavsen Trio
The Ground

Two years ago the Tord Gustavsen Trio released the extraordinary successful debut-album"Changing Places". With his new CD "The Ground" he created another masterpiece. Together with bassist Harald Johnsen and drummer Jarle Vespestad Tord Gustavsen guides the audience on a faint melancholic and unique journey. Enjoyable sophisticated music to relax and meditate. A spellbinding work of art. »


The Simon Wiesenthal Documentationcentre in Vienna chooses M-IT for digital archiving
Documents collected by DI Simon Wiesenthal during decades are scanned and saved electronically. Also an index of the publications archived by the "Simon Wiesenthal Documentationcentre" is built. The technical conception, planning and implementation of both projects was done by M-IT.
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Digitization of political documents at the "Austrian State Archives"
Political documents, correspondence and other materials are digitally stored by the "Austrian State Archives" using M-IT's technology and know-how.
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IT Consulting for the projects "Restitution" and "Collection Points" of the "Historical Commission of the Republic of Austria"
M-IT acted in an advisory capacity of IT questions to two project teams of the "Historical Commission of the Republic of Austria" and developed database solutions for them.
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Design and implementation of the database "Austrians in Exile"
It was the goal of the project "Austrians in Exile. A bio-bibliographical database" to create a database for storing these data in an appropriate way and to link it to other digitally stored data. Powerful tools for complex information retrieval have been integrated.
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Conversion of information about "Jewish Journalists in Austria"
Files containing information about "Jewish Journalists in Austria" collected by Dr. Theodor Venus have been postprocessed and migrated to a newly created database making research more flexible.
(more to come soon)

Adding photos of the "Vienna Stadt- und Landesarchiv" to a digital photo-archive for historical images
The "Documentationarchive of the Austrian Resistance" stores digital copies of the GESTAPO-files rediscovered at the "Vienna Stadt- und Landesarchiv" in an electronic photo-archive set up by M-IT.
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Implementation of a course subscription and grading service at two institutes of the "Vienna University of Economics and Business Studies"
Two institutes of the Vienna University of Economics and Business Studies" offer their students a web-based registration and grading service. M-IT was responsible for developing a customized software solution and setting up the system.
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Reengineering the integrating management exercise and marketing game "Enterprise"
"Enterprise" is a successful marketing simulation game developed by John R. Hauser from the "Sloan School of Management" at the "Massachusetts Institute of Technology". The DOS application has been reengineered to an application server game and a web-based frontend has been added.
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Improving the computer-supported administration of the patients at the "Vienna Child Guidance Clinic"
For the "Vienna Child Guidance Clinic" M-IT designed and implemented a multi-user patient management and treatment documentation system. Because sensitive data is collected and stored by the institute at several locations in Vienna the application uses a replication mechanism which enables distributed secure offline computing.
(more to come soon)

WAP-Interface for the digital library index of the DOeW
As a demonstration of an useful application of mobile information technology, M-IT added a WAP-Interface to the digital library index of the "Documentationarchive of the Austrian Resistance".
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